These are the 2019 fitness crazes that will make you want to stick to your new year, new me commitments

You’ll Retrain As a Personal Trainer

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If keeping up with all of this sounds like a full-time occupation, maybe you’re in the wrong job. “The realisation that work life is the missing piece in achieving optimal wellness is driving more people to rethink their careers and fulfil their passion for health in a professional capacity,” says Hill. The World Economic Forum predicts that the health sector will be the largest source of job creation over the next decade, as it’s one of the few that adds roles as technology advances, whereas others may shed them. And while being a PT might not sound glamorous, Equinox’s talent agency helps its top trainers to build profiles and bag #Sponsorships.

You’ll Level-up Like Super Mario

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“Mushrooms will emerge from the underground –both psychedelic and regular varieties,” says Beth McGroarty, Global Wellness Institute researcher. Michael Pollan’s book How to Change Your Mind has altered attitudes towards LSD and psilocybin, the active ingredient in magic shrooms, and University College London has explored the latter’s ability to treat depression. If that sounds too trippy, muggle fungi will crop up in powders, broths and teas to relieve stress and inflammation.

You’ll Snooze and Win

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The importance of shuteye is now recognised as more than just a mattress ad slogan: Equinox’s sleep-coaching programme helped subjects lose 17 per cent body fat, compared to 7 per cent for the deprived*. Fitbit now provides you with a Sleep Score, while last year Apple bought Beddit mattress sensors. “People are realising everything starts with a good night’s sleep,” says Soong. His company Form has dreamed up nootropic ZZZZs, using sleep-promoting magnesium and zinc, plus 5-HTP, involved in melatonin production. Pop to drop.

You’ll Search for Joy Offline


“We’ll see a surge in attempts to ‘solve’ happiness,” says McGroarty, who points to a growing body of science, such as the annual World Happiness Report, which measures what drives it. Mainly, it seems, it’s found in Scandinavia: Finland, Norway, Denmark and Iceland were the four happiest countries in 2018. The UK was ranked 19th. Relationships are crucial, and we don’t mean digital ones – so there’ll be a rise in co-working and living, as well as “digital detox” holidays. Check into Italy’s Eremito Hotel, a monastic retreat with no Wi-Fi.

You’ll Embrace Wearable Tech


Tracker shirts will soon be as ubiquitous as smartwatches. “Tech companies are tapping into the demand for data and combining it with athleisure, stitching devices into garments,” says Ward. Catapult, which supplies tech to Premier League sides, has teamed with sportswear brand Castore to create vest tracker PLAYR that records up to 1,250 movements per second, while its app maps your stats. Your post-five-a-side performance analysis will be legit.

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